Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Title:The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Author:Suzanne Collins
Characters: Katniss,Gale,Hazelle,Rory,Vick,Posy,Peetah,President Snow,Greasy sae,Haymitch,
Setting: This story takes place in many parts but right now it takes place in Katniss hometown called District 12 where they control the coal of mining it and it takes place in Panem the Capitol
Summary: Katnis has returned from the hunger games with her love Peetah-Mellark. she meets with her family and is happy that she won so much food and clothes for them since they lived in poor conditions. Once she returns she talks to her most trusted friend mom. Katniss ask permission to teach Gale's brother how to shoot an arrow to help out but Katniss heads out to go to the Capitol of Panem where she meets Haymitch ,the one who taught her everything in The hunger Games. They reach the Capitol where Katniss meets President Snow. They talk about how Katniss changed the rules. She changed the rules in The Hunger Games that two people can survive and that she created the talk of rebellion on districts that fought over.
So far i think the book is boring and not interesting but if i read more i might get into it like always.
I think that Katniss might have to do something dangerous or courageous and she might have to do it with Gale and Peetah. At the end i think all of the districts might become one district and work together to get over of the fighting and sharing and that they all owe it to Katniss and Peetah.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ethos Pathos Logos

It is trying to make children/ adults buy these kinds of shoes.
It shows Ethos because it has a celebrity in it and he is actually wearing the shoes and showing what u can do with the shoes.
The targeted audience is kids and adults.
This ad is effective because it has a basketball player and it shows him actually using the product and showing what u can do with it.
The advertiser used this technique(ethos) because it is showing a basketball player and people usually use what a celebrity uses so they can be like them.